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Website Page Builders – Lead, Sales, Webinar pages


There are a lot of amazing tools out there today to create websites using WYSIWYG online tools (such as Webs, WIX and the like).

But if you are the owner of an existing website, whether it is pure HTML or a CMS like WOrdpress, sometimes it is hard to take control of your own site when you need something simple like:

  • A Lead Page
  • A Sales Page
  • A Webinar Page

And other similar pages that you need to create from time to time.

Each time you need such a page, you often have to contact a web design company and pay through the nose.

But what if there was a better solution?

Web Page Builders

There are some amazing options when it comes to website page builders today. And we are particularly impressed with a couple of them.

So in this post we are going to quickly go over the kinds of things you can do with them and the results you can achieve.


One of the industry leaders as far as we are concerned is Leadpages. If you want a detailed Leadpages Review, then head over here to my friend’s site and read this very detailed review. There is more than enough detail to fill in what we don’t cover.

So what does Leadpages actually do.

It is a simple template based web page builder where you can use existing proven high-converting templates to create all kinds of pages (lead, squeeze, sales, webinar etc).

They have a lot of customers so they know their pages work very well for collecting leads.

The system is quite simple:

  • Choose a category and template
  • Edit it with your colors, text, images (all click and edit – simple)
  • Save and complete the settings (email list, webinar login etc) and publish

When you publish you have a number of easy options:

  • Connect to WordPress (via their custom plugin)
  • Publish to a Facebook tab in your Facebook page
  • Host on their website (then you don’t need a website domain name)
  • Copy the HTML to your website

They also have other great supporting features like:

  • Media delivery
  • Optin popups from a button or image
  • Split Testing

and a number of other things you can read in the review we mentioned.

Thrive Content Builder (Update May 2015)

I wanted to add this one in, as it is a great up and coming tool that has since come out.

Thrive Themes is a great company run by Shane Melaugh (read more about him at his IMImpac site), who also has built some great SEO and optin plugins before. So he has a lot of internet marketing experience and WordPress as well.

His latest achievement, which is actually a combination of plugins and website builders and themes. You can buy either Thrive Themes, Thrive Content Builder (that comes with Thrive Themes) or the latest addition, Thrive Leads.

In this section I will quickly go over Thrive Content Builder as it is a true WYSIWYG website builder. That means you create it, see it, and it is exactly how it will be when published. Not something you normally get with WordPress.

For a complete review of Thrive Content Builder, I recommend you head over to this review from Ashley at Madlemmings.

Basically Thrive Content Builder allows you to create WordPress pages and posts with almost zero technical ability.

That have a drag and drop editor that allows you to change all the elements and styles on a page:

  • size, width/height, color, font
  • margin and padding
  • location

And on top of that they have all the elements you could need to add to a page

  • rows, columns, content boxes
  • text, wordpress text, images, videos
  • price tables, testimonials, star reviews and maps

and of course much more.

This is one of the simplest and most powerful additions to WordPress I have seen in a long time and I whole-heartedly recommend it.

Optimize Press

Another great alternative that is specifically designed for WordPress is Optimizepress, now on Version 2.0

This tool is a little more complex than Leadpages, but it makes up for it with the flexibility that it offers.

Basically Optimizepress is a fully fledged page and site builder that you can use inside WordPress.

It enables you to add and customize elements anywhere with almost anything.

So in many ways the two tools are quite different and intended for different audiences.

One if a quick and proven template tool for creating high converting pages.

The other is also stylish and mobile responsive, but requires a lot more time and patience. As you have to tweak everything to see how it all works.


So if you are looking for simple and high converting landing pages (sales pages etc) then Leadpages is the way to go.

Whereas if you are looking for a simple to use page and site builder inside WordPress and you don’t want to learn HTML etc, then this is a great way to create awesome sites.

As I mentioned they are really for different audiences.

SO head over and check them both out in detail and see what you personally think before you make any choice.

But indeed, gone are the days of having to be a web developer to create awesome websites.