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Websites With The Best Video Content

There are many different ways to use video on a website, and I wanted to showcase some of the best, or at least better, examples I have seen around the web.

So I want to briefly cover some of the methods and examples in this post.

Video as Content

One of the most effective ways to use video in this day and age is to have it as a major piece of content.

This could be a sales video, on your sales page of a website. Or it could be the opening video on the homepage, showing what your message is and what your company is all about.

The decision on what exactly you are going to do with video content is up to you.

But one thing is clear, Google and customers in general favor video, and having a lot of it on your site is ideal.

So here are some examples of companies including video within their content.

Video On the Homepage

Nest are a very modern and innovative startup company with some of the most interesting products I have seen in a long time.

On their homepage they showcase these products with an image slide, and part of that showcase is a link to videos explaining the products.

With sometimes complex products, it is certainly a great way to get the customer involved and also educate them at the same time.

So go and check out Nest if you want to see how this can be done well.

Video In Blog Posts

Without a doubt one of the most popular ways of using video on websites is to include it within the content itself.

Everyone is doing this of course, and it can certainly help to add to the post being written or completely dominate it if there is little or not text.

But in this example I wanted to show you how Video Production Kent is doing it, because they are a video production company. And who better to teach us how to use video in content than a company making video!

Videos on Website Backgrounds

Video is on of the best ways to catch the attention of the public nowadays. Amazing videos have the capability to draw the attention of people and hold it for significantly longer periods than say a standard image.

The recent  use of videos on website backgrounds have added a dynamic element to many websites and is a perfect opportunity to display some creativity on a website.

I have found a couple of websites where we think this kind of technique has been particularly well done and we wanted to show you the ones we have so you can be impressed too.

So without further or do, I present the websites with awesome video backgrounds.


Paypal manages to draw you into their site with seemingly banal videos. For example, one that they use quite often shows a man simply collecting a package. Nothing more.

Billabong – I Surf Because

is a far more complex example, becuase they play and load a lot more video. So the experience is not one of being a background so much, as actually being the experience on the site as a whole. Because this appeals to a far larger crowd, it is probably more effective to do it this way.

The End

I hope some of these examples have helped or inspired you to use video more in your websites. It certainly is a great way of adding a bit of variety and interaction into the content that you provide.

Your customers will certainly appreciate it, because a picture is a thousand words, and a video – must be many millions!

But either way, video is here to stay and is making our web experiences so much better.

So get on board and start using video today!